3rd phase of the female revolution = UNIFY!

~Unify a woman's complete sense of self.

~Unify women to advocate for each other. 

~Unify women with men.


What is SHE-ness

The time has come for the 3rd phase of the female revolution. The 1st in the U.S. being suppression. The 2nd, we naturally rebelled saying “NO MORE!” We want it all. Can do it all.      Be it all! This was necessary to get our foothold and claim our rights.


Working intimately with women for 17 yrs, a common theme presents itself:  We women, as a whole, are stressed out. Tense. Annoyed. Feeling guilty as mothers. In passionless relationships. Discontent and we don’t know why. We are feeling trapped by our own freedom. 

Yes, we need equal pay and an even more equal opportunity but that’s not all. The potential direction we are going with the “fighting" stance could result in more discontent, separation, tension and disconnect with our partners AND ourselves. 


It’s time to build a bridge between the 1st and 2nd phase. The 3rd is about filling the GAP. Healing our relationship within, with other women and with men. 


Enjoying the "it all" and be enjoyed.  Uniting the genders for maximum prosperity; 

personally and professionally.

SHE-ness is for those who BELIEVE in inclusion NOT exclusion.  Who BELIEVE when you want a change, you start with SELF improvement.  Who believe in UNIFYING not dividing. 

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Become a part of the conversation and movement as we EMBRACE the FREEDOM of SHE!!



We are HERE to further support YOU.  

Women across the country are beginning to feel the JOY they knew they could have! You're invited to a SAFE SPACE to hear and be heard. Discuss REAL issues from parenting to sex to balancing a professional life with 'life'. 


Join the conversation and movement toward unity.