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Roya specializes in speaking engagements; customized workshops; corporate seminars, tv appearances.

  • Discovering and igniting PASSION within themselves first and their partner 2nd.  Releasing mommy guilt and letting go of pent up tension that they had previously accepted as normal.  To discover a life of fulfillment and the joy that was biologically designed for us.
  • How to access and uncover the FREEDOM of ‘SHE’ to find connection, compassion and empathy where high vibe women elevate and support each other to positively impact one another’s lives.  
  • Helping high achieving women discover whether or not they are feminine at core, what's been compromised in their lives and steps to overcome it.
  • Enhancing community and communication and therefore employee satisfaction and efficiency in the workforce.  
  • The Art of Communication
    • Men to women
    • Women to men
    • Women to women
    • Leveraging body language 
    • Maximizing voice intonation
    • Image

            Additional expertise in: 

  • Sales: Skills and Increase 
  • Recruiting and Hiring effectively

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“The most important investment you can make in your business is in your people. They are your most valuable resource. Your team represents the future of your company. We call Roya Mattis our “secret weapon”.  When she comes in to host a workshop for us, our entire team is inspired and educated. This results in higher employee retention and better guest satisfaction... which ultimately leads to a healthier and happier company and community overall!” ~Amir Mostafavi Owner of South Block

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I met Roya at a professional development seminar and she was full of bright light and juicy fun. During breaks we danced and hugged. I saw her a few months later at a follow on training event and watched the way she carried herself. She owns the ground she walks on.

I’m a skinny thang and I longed to feel like a curvey, sexy woman who also commands respect. I was on a mission to discover the divine feminine within me which was a completely separate goal from the training we were attending. So, I asked Roya to help me. 

In 15 minutes Roya showed me more than my friends or books ever could. She knew just what I needed to hear to feel better about what I had to work with. Then she walked me through some activities to practice moving my body in a new and feminine way that felt great. 

We bonded quickly over the universal experience of modern day women. Roya and I shared deeply and joyfully which, brought to me, a sense of healing from our sisterhood. 

-Janel H

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