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Roya Mattis


Roya Mattis did not set out to build her life’s work helping women. She describes the last 17 years as a ‘divine appointment’ she did not expect. Roya’s career in direct sales has taken her to achieving a level currently held by approximately 225 women Nationwide. Additionally, she has been #1 in Personal Sharing in her division of approximately 200,000 Independent Consultants twice and in the top 10, 3 times.  

Roya led her organization to Top 20 and Top 10 for 6 years before promoting to her current position. Roya invested heavily as a Platinum Partner with the Tony Robbins organization and attended every workshop he offers including those not available to the general public ranging from finance, to relationship, internal growth, health and concise coaching techniques leading her to immediate and deep transformative work with individuals. Additionally, Roya has attended workshops with Brendon Buchard and coaching school and is a body language enthusiast. She has participated in over 600 hours of immersion training thus far believing that the ‘speed of the leader, is the speed of the gang’ and that ‘school is never out for the pro’. Roya does not just gather information, she feels missioned to pass it on. 

A professional trainer, strategist and speaker, she customizes speaking / training / workshops for 10 to 10,0000. In pursuit of that constant question, ‘how can I make a difference to others, she was met with a deep need she can no longer deny.  

Roya believes that the time has come for the 3rd phase of the female revolution in the US. The first phase was suppression. 2nd was liberation to want to do it all and be it all. In working intimately with women and having struggled with many of these issues herself, she believes this has been a slight ‘miss’ leaving many women feeling unsatisfied, frustrated, guilty, and stressed out. “We feel trapped by our own freedom. It’s time to bridge the gap. To help a woman reconnect with herself, other women and men.  I call this SHE-ness” says Roya.  

SHE-ness is fresh, sexy, healthy and confident. 

It’s the realization of ones own UNIQUE ‘she’.  

Roya believes that when a woman walks in this essence, she will find a flow in her life and the men will be happier too! Completely committed to the women of the organization she’s built, Roya is simply expanding beyond the beauty case, honoring the calling of it’s founder who’s been quoted “If just one more woman today discovered how great she really is, it’d be a great day!” 

Married to Noah for 20 years, they celebrate their daughter and son.  Being a mother has been so important to Roya Mattis, she’s been preparing herself since she was 5! 



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